Silly Sunday FanFic: Gender Reversed OverBoard with Shahrukh and Juhi!

Silly Sunday FanFic: Gender Reversed OverBoard with Shahrukh and Juhi!

This idea came up in an mart between me and Genevieve a few weeks when and I think it is really good and fun. Who wouldn’t like to see SRK as a rich doofus turned handyman?


The original should not be delightful, and yet it is somehow. Rich spoiled woman fights with a local carpenter and throws his tools overboard, costing him thousands of dollars. She then falls overboard from her yacht and ends up in a local hospital with amnesia and no one ultimatum her. The carpenter recognizes her and lies that she is his wife, planning to take her home to help take superintendency of his wild children until she has “worked off” the forfeit of his tools. It sounds horrible, but it’s charming! Couple of things that make it work, most importantly the carpenter does not plane consider thinking of her sexually. Doesn’t so much as kiss her until she’s been there a long time and they’ve started to fall in love. Second, the carpenter knows her family hasn’t personal her and is under the impression her money comes from her husband, so she is a penniless x-rated wife stuck at a hospital, he can requite her a “normal” life until she regains her memory. Once her husband shows up pretending he has been looking for her, the carpenter immediately steps when and doesn’t try to stop her. Until of undertow there’s a big romantic ventilator without her considering he has decided Love will conquer All. Plus, of course, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel have mythological chemistry, and both really throw themselves into the comic aspects.

Wouldn’t this be unconfined for Juhi-Shahrukh???? They have such perfect comic chemistry, and I love love love the idea of Juhi stuff an stereotype housewife and SRK stuff a humorous useless millionaire who she tricks.

Oh oh! And Sush can be SRK’s wife. Sush hires Juhi to come in and make taps at their “farmhouse”. She introduces SRK as her “cute but dumb” husband who she picked up when he was “trying to act”, giving Juhi the impression that he has no money and Sush has everything. SRK is given the job of supervising the taps and throws a hissy fit when they aren’t exactly as he pictured them, ripping them lanugo and then grabbing Juhi’s sewing box and throwing it out the window, and refusing to pay her snout or pay her for the supplies she bought.

Juhi is very upset and worried considering she can’t sire to take on this debt herself. She’s trying to pay school fees and take superintendency of her 3 wild daughters without her husband ran off on them years ago. She wants to unshut a shop in the cute little vacation town downtown and sew her own gown designs and the money was supposed to go towards that. And then her friend, a nurse at the local hospital, shares with her the story of this man who just showed up with amnesia. Juhi shows a photo from her phone of her clients, and the nurse recognizes the man as SRK and the woman who came to the hospital only to requirement she doesn’t know him as Sush. Juhi is shocked, unmistakably his wife has tired of him and found it easier to requirement no knowledge than deal with an injured husband. She feels sorry for the poor man, but her friend (let’s say Sayani Gupta, I unchangingly like her) says the man owes her, she’s going to lose the petrifaction on her shop considering of the money he didn’t pay her, she should make him work it off if he has nowhere else to go!

Juhi laughs it off, but young Sayani is naughty and at work the next day announces she thinks she recognizes SRK as the longlost husband of a friend of hers, and the police wordage him to Juhi’s doorstep. Juhi at first doesn’t quite know what to do with this person, but they kids leap in, start calling him “Papa!” Juhi throws him out of the bedroom saying that the doctors said he should sleep on the floor, so he sleeps on a mat in the kitchen. She gives him worn out old gown and tells him that his skin is irritated by new clothes, so he only wears very very old ones. And then she puts him to work helping her get her shop ready. He’s not good at ANYTHING at first, but she patiently tells him to “lift this” “move that” and at least he is strong.

Slowly, he starts to reveal other aspects of his personality. One of the girls asks him to read aloud and he starts telling them wonderful stories, bedtime becomes a time for him to do a whole performance that the whole family (including Juhi) enjoys. He finds the middle girl crying and learns it is considering all the other girls in matriculation get to go to classical flit classes and she doesn’t. So he teaches her filmi style dancing and she shows up all her friends. And he has good ideas for the story, makes suggestions well-nigh how it should be laid out and the name for it and all kinds of things. And he and Juhi start having “moments” when their hands meet and things. The girls notice and tell Juhi they want him to be their “real” Papa and she tries to explain that he is just “visiting” and someday he will go when to his real life. But maybe she will ask him if he wants to stay…. The girls trick them into having a night home alone, set up a candlelight dinner (pizza they ordered) and set up sleepovers for themselves. Shahrukh and Juhi stipulate that they should at least “pretend” to have a stage so the girls won’t be disappointed, and of undertow they end up talking and laughing and dancing and kissing and then going to bed together. The next morning is the grand opening of the store and everything is seemingly perfect. SRK is the perfect host and supportive partner, Juhi is glowing with her success, the oldest girl asks SRK if he wants to stay with their family forever and overly and never leave again, and he says he does.

Meanwhile, Kirron Kher is Shahrukh’s indulgent mother. She spoiled him and never made him do anything for himself and indulged every whim, but she moreover loves him a lot. Sush is enjoying stuff with her younger boyfriend without needing to hibernate it from Kirron and SRK and doesn’t want SRK it overly come back. But Kirron keeps obsessively hunting and nagging and won’t let it go. And then Kirron sees a post online well-nigh the store opening and recognizes SRK. She hires a helicopter and drags Sush withal (who has to pretend to be thrilled) and by the time Juhi and SRK and the girls return home without their lovely day, a helicopter lands in their yard. Kirron and Sush come out and SRK casually says “Hello mother, hello Sush, just let me put the girls to bed and I’ll come talk to you”. And then catches himself and goes “Oh! I remember who I am!” Juhi starts to say something, but surpassing she can Sush rushes in and grabs and kisses SRK and declares how much she loves him and has missed him and pulls him on to the helicopter surpassing SRK can say anything to Juhi or try to put any of it together.

SRK is when in his mansion with his hobbies, but is miserable. He finds himself spending time with the garage workers and yard men, wants to help them do their work and get his hands dirty. He believes Juhi was just using him and keeping him from his real life, but moreover misses her and the girls. Kirron notices how sad he is and decides she needs to learn increasingly well-nigh what happened while he was gone. She tracks lanugo the hospital and calls for increasingly information and, luckily, Sayani overhears the call! She manages to get hold of the phone and tells Kirron EVERYTHING, including that Sush came and refused to recognize SRK and that Juhi “rescued” him thinking no one else wanted him.

Kirron decides to take a hand! She announces to Sush and SRK that they are going to have a vow renewal, to gloat their reunion. And she knows just the right person to make Sush’s new wedding sari. She sends Juhi the measurements and commissions her to do it. Juhi is heartbroken and cries the whole time she is sewing it, making the wedding sari for the marriage of the man she loves. But she does it considering she needs the money and she wants SRK to be happy. Only thing is, Kirron insists that it is hand delivered to their Farmhouse where she is hosting the wedding. Juhi shows up, is rushed throw to the nuptials chamber, Kirron imperiously declares she needs to see the dress on someone surpassing she will pay for it and it might as well be Juhi. Juhi, crying, puts the dress on. Meanwhile, in the other room, SRK is pacing and waiting and taxing to see Kirron. She rushes in to him and he tells her he can’t do it, he never should have married Sush the first time and he can’t do it now, he doesn’t superintendency why Juhi did what she did, he loves her and he loves her children and he wants to go “home”. Kirron talks him down, says it’s only pearly to tell Sush this in person, wait a few minutes and she will bring her in. And of course, Kirron goes to the other room and covers Juhi’s squatter with the veil then brings her in to SRK. To hear SRK explain to “Sush” that he is in love and wants to leave her and go when to Juhi and so on. And then Kirron raises Juhi’s veil and quietly slips away. To go tell Sush to get out of her house and take her gigolo with her.

Happy ending, Kirron comes to visit the tiny crazy house and gets dragged into playtime with the girls and loses all her dignity.

Isn’t that nice?