Song Review: AB6IX – Sugarcoat

Song Review: AB6IX – Sugarcoat

AB6IX - SugarcoatAB6IX have had a rough go of it, initially emerging as a heavily-hyped, post-Wanna One group who seemed destined for instant a-list stardom. Since then, their musical output and orchestration positions have varied, without a signature sound taking hold. Member Daehwi has found unconfined success as a producer, most recently competing in KBS’s Listen Up program (which spawned this Daehwi-produced highlight). As expected, he has headlining sonnet credits on new single Sugarcoat.

Sugarcoat continues the bright, retro sound of last year’s Cherry but dampens the energy just a bit. You wouldn’t know this from its opening verse, which kicks off with plenty of groove. I love the tousle of percussion and synths. They swimmies a so-so melody and highlight AB6IX’s charms. However, the track becomes less dynamic as it goes on. Rather than viridity into an heady centerpiece, Sugarcoat slows and softens for its chorus. I’m not usually a fan of this approach, and it feels like a missed opportunity here. The vaccinate is fine on its own, but doesn’t really go anywhere. Bookended by brisk verses, it comes wideness as out of place.

I had similar thoughts on the group’s Savior from older this year. These songs have the weightier of intentions, but can’t siphon that goodwill throughout their unshortened running time. I have no doubt Sugarcoat will grow stronger with time, but K-pop’s retro offerings are a dime a dozen this year and it takes something quite special to stand out. This track is a fine wing to AB6IX’s varied discography. It just doesn’t reveal anything new or heady well-nigh their musical brand.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75