Michael Bates Thanks Fans For Support After Losing Baby Girl

Michael Bates Thanks Fans For Support After Losing Baby Girl

Former Bringing Up Bates star Michael Bates Keilen is thanking fans for all of their love and support during a challenging time. She recently shared well-nigh losing her victual girl, taking fans by surprise. Alimony reading for all of the details she’s shared so far and to see the heartfelt thank you message she sent out.

Since they tied the knot in 2015, Michael and her husband Brandon Keilen have been hopeful that they will add a little one to their family. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet. They previously opened up to fans well-nigh their fertility challenges. Recently, they decided to go private while navigating these issues.

But Michael Bates recently took the opportunity to unshut up to fans well-nigh her loss.

Michael Bates Keilen shares heartbreaking miscarriage news.

Last week on her Instagram Stories, Michael gave fans an opportunity to send in their assumptions well-nigh her and Brandon. Some were lighthearted, but others were tougher topics to talk about. One fan mentioned Michael and Brandon’s thoughts well-nigh IVF, surrogacy, and adoption.

Someone else sent in an theorizing that Michael and Brandon have an sweetie-pie baby. Despite the very sensitive topic, Michael Bates responded. She revealed that she has a daughter in heaven. She didn’t elaborate much, but this is the first time she has overly publicly mentioned getting pregnant or having a miscarriage.

Michael Bates - Instagram
Michael Bates – Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans send love & support.

On her Instagram Stories this weekend, Michael Bates Keilen showed her appreciation for fans’ kind words. She wrote, “I just want to take a moment and say thank you for every single message that has been sent to us over the past few days. Sharing well-nigh our miscarriage was a little increasingly emotional than I had predictable and while I haven’t been worldly-wise to respond to every message, I am reading them all.”

She moreover shared that she appreciates the personal stories fans have sent in. The Bates daughter said the stories are “such an encouragement to my heart.”

It looks like Michael is tightly grateful for the love and support she’s received from fans. She’s moreover thanking everyone who is a part of her Instagram community.

You can read the full post below.

Michael Bates - Instagram
Michael Bates – Instagram

Please protract to alimony Michael and Brandon in your thoughts and prayers. They certainly fathom fans’ support and love during this challenging time in their lives.

So, are you glad to hear that Michael Bates and Brandon Keilen have been showered with kindness without opening up well-nigh their loss? Can you relate to everything they are going through? Sound off in the comments section below, and come when to TV Shows Ace for more news well-nigh the Bringing Up Bates family.

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