‘The Bachelor’ Week 3 Spoilers: Self Eliminations & A Villain Is Born

‘The Bachelor’ Week 3 Spoilers: Self Eliminations & A Villain Is Born

The Bachelor featuring Zach Shallcross is heading into week three tonight and spoilers are flying around about what fans can expect. Along with the preview that has aired, Reality Steve also shared spoilers and some interesting details well-nigh someone who self-eliminates and someone who becomes the new villain. alimony reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The Bachelor week 3 spoilers

The preview for Monday night’s Episode 3 of The Bachelor is intense and shows tears being cried, a surprise overnight stage and more. Zach Shallcross has some heady dates planned for tonight including skydiving. Another stage will involve a group football game in which one lucky lady is given the group stage rose. Reality Steve had a lot of juicy spoilers for everything surrounding that preview.

The skydiving stage will be with Alyssa (Aly) Jacobs. They will be skydiving into the Babcock Winery & Vineyards in Santa Barbara. They have a unconfined time and Zach does requite her the rose.

The group stage this week is tackle football and is at Moorpark College and will full-length two teams. On the undecorous team is Ariel, Bailey, Brooklyn, Charity, Christina, Katherine, and Kylee. The yellow team features Anastasia, Brianna, Davia, Gabi, Genevie, Greer, Jess, and Mercedes. Jesse and Hannah Storm will signify the game.

Zach Shallcross via YouTube 6

The other one-on-one stage will be with Kaity Biggar. While Zach isn’t sure what Zach and Kaity did during the daytime portion of the stage during the evening they went to the Museum of Natural History. In the preview, Zach is seen asking Kaity if she wants to stay the night with him at the museum. She accepts and the two are seen latter a tent. However, there is no word if anything unquestionably happened that night.

Kaity obviously gets a rose.

A villain is born

One lady who has been a front-runner from the start is Christina Mandrell. She is a single mom and is moreover niece to country singer Barbara Mandrell. Last Monday fans saw Brianna, who won America’s first impression rose, start trying to sabotage Christina. This is going to take an ugly turn this week. During the preview fans see a woman crying on the mansion stairs. This is reportedly Christina without having too much to drink.

Christina will wilt basically a villain this week and it will be her downfall. The rose recurrence is canceled to have a pool party and Christina and Brianna’s feud escalates during this time. She was reportedly vicarial a bit erratic and therefore, in the end, Zach sends her home at rose recurrence three.

As for Brianna Thorbourne, she decides she can’t handle it all and self-eliminates. Another contestant that does not make it to the rose recurrence is Bailey Brown. Zach isn’t feeling it with her and sends her home.

Christina Mandrell via YouTube

Another HUGE storyline

According to Steve, there is one increasingly huge storyline. Gabi reportedly was unprotected reading the Game of Roses “How to Win the Bachelor” book. This will supposedly be a big deal. However, she makes it far in this season so apparently, this information has little effect on Zach.

Gabi via YouTube

What do you think well-nigh all this drama happening this week?

Stay tuned for increasingly updates and spoilers.


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