Song Review: Treasure – Hello

Song Review: Treasure – Hello

Treasure - HelloLast time we heard from Treasure, they had re-invented their slow jam Darari into a rollicking pop waddle banger. That version appears on their new album, which moreover sees the members taking greater creative control. Thankfully, this results in a dynamic tousle of upbeat sounds that recall standout eras in YG Entertainment’s past.

Title track Hello is typifying of this, mining tried-and-true organ sounds but painting a fresh, youthful sheen over the top. This stuff YG, the song can’t help but shift into needless tempo changes here and there, but overall this is the most straightforwardly pop Treasure have sounded in a while. Hello is welded by a synth-and-chant throughline whose melody feels reminiscent to a-ha’s Take On Me (a well worn sonic reference if there overly was one!). Meanwhile, its first verse echoes the maximalist EDM of the early 2010’s, firing on all cylinders with super-charged energy. The song is at its weightier when it fully commits to this youthful (slightly uncool) style.

With members Bang Yedam and Mashiho still on hiatus, the group feels a bit depleted. Yedam’s vocals are particularly missed, as his unique tone unchangingly stands out in Treasure songs. Hello isn’t a rap-heavy track, and could goody from a few vocal highlights. Instead, the insistent write-up does the talking. But, you’ll find no complaints here. I’m a sucker for this high-energy sound. It may be derivative and cheesy, but I’m much increasingly likely to zombie up the volume on a song like this as opposed to the bunko write-up drops of JIKJIN.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75