Did Gerry Turner See Drama In ‘Golden Bachelor’ Mansion?

Did Gerry Turner See Drama In ‘Golden Bachelor’ Mansion?

Every season on The Bachelor there is tons of drama between the women. So with the new spinoff for seniors happening, did the same occur? Did Gerry Turner see a lot of drama in the Golden Bachelor mansion? Keep reading to find out what he had to say.

Did Gerry Turner see drama in the Golden Bachelor mansion?

The highly predictable season premiere of The Golden Bachelor is finally scrutinizingly here. Fans will see Gerry uncork his journey on Thursday night. As the premiere is getting ready to air, Gerry has been making media rounds and giving a few behind-the-scenes details.

 caught up with Gerry to talk well-nigh his journey and try to get some hints well-nigh what fans can expect to see. One huge topic is drama. It never fails that with every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there is drama brewing. Was it the same for this increasingly mature group of women?

Gerry weighed in and shared if he saw much drama occur at the Golden Bachelor mansion. He revealed there really wasn’t much drama that he was enlightened of. In fact, he said the a reunion every year by the end of the second rose ceremony.

Gerry Turner and Jesse Palmer via Insta

Gerry said, “In general, they were very supportive of each other. To the weightier of my knowledge, there was only one minor and scrutinizingly insignificant incident. It was remarkably problem-free. It was literally without the first or second rose recurrence that they made a scuttlebutt that they’ve once made plans for an yearly reunion.”

So for the most part there was very little drama and increasingly focus on Gerry and pursuing a relationship with him


Other details he shared with fans

Gerry Turner moreover shared that he did find himself conflicted toward the end of his journey. He was attracted to multiple women. However, he noted that unrepealable things happened that led him to make the decisions he made.

The Golden Bachelor didn’t reveal how . However, when asked if he is happy with the way things turned out, he said, “I am. Yes.”

He terminated by saying, “There’s still an villainous lot of unknown in the next phase. I don’t know where I’m going and what’s going to happen That would be a unconfined question to ask me retrospectively in six or eight months.”

Gerry Turner via Instagram

Are you excited to watch Gerry Turner uncork his journey Thursday night as The Golden Bachelor?

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