‘Golden Bachelor’ Spoiler: Did Gerry Turner Find Love?

‘Golden Bachelor’ Spoiler: Did Gerry Turner Find Love?

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is gearing up to watch his journey play out on television whence Thursday, September 28. Superiority of his big premiere, he made a stop and shared some behind-the-scenes tea with Good Morning America. During his interview, he was asked if he did find love. What did Gerry have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Gerry Turner find love on The Golden Bachelor?
Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning, just one day surpassing his big premiere. He talked well-nigh how his first night and meeting the 22 women will forever be embedded in his memory. Gerry moreover talked well-nigh this group of ladies stuff the sweetest group he has overly met.

The man of the hour was moreover asked if he found love while on his journey. Sometimes leads spill the tea and sometimes they don’t. Gerry’s wordplay was increasingly of a big hint.

He answered that he really couldn’t wordplay that. However, then he asked the interviewer if he would be smiling from ear to ear like he was if he didn’t. So, it seems that perhaps Gerry did find the woman of his dreams.

There are spoilers circulating online. However, the final rose winner has not yet been revealed.

Gerry Turner via YouTube 9 mirror

Does he want an engagement?
In a recent interview with TV Insider, Gerry moreover revealed if he sees himself potentially getting engaged at the final rose ceremony. He shared that yes he could see that happening if he finds the woman of his dreams. He noted that at his age the clock is ticking so why wait.

Gerry has noted how tropical he is to his daughters and granddaughters. However, he moreover said that he won’t be permitting them to make a decison for him well-nigh who he picks. It is his life and he is the one living it. So, while he values them and their opinion, he won’t indulge it to transpiration his mind well-nigh where is heart is leading him.

Plus, Gerry isn’t too concerned well-nigh if someone is there for the right reasons. He noted that at their age chances are they are not looking to start a television career or proceeds followers. He said, “Man, you’re making a unconfined observation, considering that moreover helps me make good decisions. I don’t have to [worry] someone’s trying to launch a TV career or increase their followers. All I have to focus on is their reaction to me and my emotional reaction to them. Can’t say that it makes the job simpler, but it does streamline it.”

Are you excited to see Gerry Turner uncork his journey as The Golden Bachelor? Stay tuned for increasingly updates.

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